Sunday, December 17, 2017


"Our soul rises on tiptoe as we peer over the horizon.
 Waiting for the appearance of the Morning Star to come...

 and deliver us."
From a morning prayer

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Thoughts on Christmas Trees...

  • The intoxicating smell of a fresh cut tree is truly unrivaled.
  • Everything is better when done beneath/beside/by the lights of the Christmas tree.
  • Whenever I stop to truly admire the beauty of any particular tree, I can't help but break into delighted applause! Does anybody else do this (please tell me I'm not the only one)???
  • Buying our tree a couple blocks down the road came with some adorable perks this year: a fresh cut, 3 strong men securing it into our stand and getting it perfectly straight and ready to take into the house (!), delivery (which we didn't take advantage of because we brought our truck with us), and a free blow out. - Oh, and Caroline would like me to mention the two bones she was given while we perused. ;-)
  • In sum: 
O Christmas tree, O Christmas treeeeeee, 
How lovely are thy branches?

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Planning Ahead...

Hi, my name is Kristin, and I'm a chronic planner.

I've yet to hear a valid argument for NOT planning ahead though, so onward I go: fully embracing my chronic-ness through life. 

One specific occasion on which I'm always particularly glad for this penchant of mine is: Thanksgiving.

We travel for the holiday every year- and while adequate, the kitchen my family prepares our annual feast in, isn't huge. Plus: way too many cooks. Always. - I'm also of the mind that, if you're not in your own home, you should be somewhat relaxing, no?! Hence my Thanksgiving tradition of cooking everything I possibly can, ahead.

Granted: I'm not cooking an entire meal, but several side dishes, breakfast, and dessert contributions equal a fair amount of theoretical meal prep. So each year, besides my usuals, I seek out recipes that can be entirely (or mostly) made ahead and that freeze and travel well.

Here are a few things on the plan-ahead docket so far:

All recipes are gluten-free
Cran-apple Sauce (made and frozen)
Sweet Potato Pudding (mixed raw, frozen, and will be put in the crockpot to cook on T-giving Day)
Pumpkin Biscotti (will be made and frozen)
Homemade Applesauce (made and frozen)
Pumpkin Spice Truffles (made and frozen)
Gluten Free Rolls (bought - reheated at the last minute)

Ideally, that means my Turkey Day consists of very little effort, more hanging with the fam, and an extra dose of R&R. Though, in reality, that will likely look like the entertaining of a certain 3 year old, so that the day-of cooks can make some tangible progress on the rest of the meal. Ha!

Wishing you and yours a stress-free holiday. At least in the cooking department! ;-)

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Autumn Morning

Crispy golden leaves littering street and sidewalk - children scuffling through the drifts and piles on their way to school. A biting gust of wind steals my breath and throws my hair wildly around as I open the door and my reluctant, be-sweatered pup tiptoes outside to greet the day. The smell of frosty damp earth mingles with the homey fragrance of wood smoke. Fireside breakfast awaits with woolen blankets, cozy slippers, and piping hot tea as my Jesse and I slowly wake and begin to craft a plan for the autumn morning before us.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Different Perspective

The other day I was sitting in my den; late afternoon. Glancing up from my reading, I noticed the late summer sun spotlighting a pitcher full of fresh flowers from the farmer's market on the table across the house in the dining room. So dramatic. 
The irony was: I'm not a dramatic person. I like things soft, smooth, and gentle. 
These harsh shadows, vivid contrasts between the light and the dark, and almost blinding highlights brought on by the low-angled sun were not at all my cup of tea.
Yet somehow, I was drawn to them. They bade me come closer... to notice the fine detail they skillfully lit on each delicate petal. To realize that MY preference...the type of beauty I am drawn truly not the only thing that is labeled beautiful. There are so many different perspectives to be had. 
Each one as beautiful and unique and inspiring as the next. And this day, I was so grateful for the reminder.

Monday, October 9, 2017

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Portraits As A Couple

1. Your love is unique and beautiful.
2. That love grows and changes through the years, and should be captured in every season.
3. A portrait session is a wonderful excuse to slow down and hold each other...look into each other's eyes, and remember why you fell in love.
4. Quality time = nurturing your relationship
5. When times are tough, having images of your deep and abiding connection can help bolster your resolve to stick it out.
6. Very few things that you choose to invest in will last for generations after you're gone. Portraits will.
7. Getting gussied up, spending some sweet bonding time together in front of the camera, then going out for dinner and a movie afterward = an epic date.
8. If you have children, show them that you adore your mate and make time to put your marriage first. That security is an incredible gift you can give to them!
9. Portraits are the perfect Christmas present for all your parents and grandparents (they will loooove it)!
10. You're worth it!

Kristin Dunker Photography is offering one day of Mini Sessions for Couples! Saturday: October 28th | $150. Claim your slot today!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Finding Privacy Without Blinds

Lots of things change when you move to the city. One thing we still haven't gotten used to: 

People are always watching...

That sounds creepy. Ha! But seriously. We get texts all the time from friends who drove by the house and saw us out on the front porch, or commented on Caroline playing in the yard, or noted the progress made on the latest exterior project we had going. - We're country folk: there were no curtains or blinds on our windows at Windy Poplars, and we liked it that way.

BUT, things have changed a bit- and privacy is a good thing from time to time. ;-) While we're still living with the slowly dry-rotting mini blinds that came with the house for the most part, there was one situation that needed some attention right away: the master bath.

We have two full-sized windows in there, one of which is behind the bathtub (meaning you have to climb into the tub to open or close the blinds). There was easy viewing into our glass shower from the parking lot behind us, and also from the front apartment lawn. Many a day we'd forget to close the blinds before we hopped in, and then, dripping wet, we'd frantically grab a towel and slip and slide our way to the windows to stop the free peep show. 

Our memory was not getting better, and this was particularly problematic at night, as you can well imagine! Also: opening and closing the behind-the-tub window with regularity was just a pain - and the windows afforded so much light, we certainly didn't want to keep the blinds permanently closed. 

Enter: temp film.

This stuff is so great! It comes in lots of pattern options from Lowes. You just cut it to fit, use a very mild soap solution to apply, and voila! Privacy! And if you want to try a different solution (or a different pattern) in the future, it easily comes off - there's no adhesive used. A package was $30ish, and we had more than enough for our two windows.

Here is the view before:
And from the shower:
Aaaaand after:
We just went with a bubbly glass texture - we thought it went with the age of the house best- instead of more modern swirls, grass, or the like. - Complete privacy, yet blocks zero light, and nothing for us to remember to close before we shower!